Implementing Personalised Care Planning in Long Term Conditions - A Successful Diabetes Handbook

Implementing Personalised Care Planning in Long Term Conditions - A Successful Diabetes Handbook

"This is a really helpful and practical book. It gave a clear explanation of what care planning is all about, and really practical advice on how to implement the approach in practice. It is right up to date with its information, and sources. I would recommend this for anyone who is wanting to learn more about personalised care planning or who wishes to implement it in practice. It will change your view of long-term conditions management"

(review by Long Term Conditions Lead, August 2011)

Personalised Care Planning (PCP) is an integral part of today's services for long term conditions. This unique 76 page handbook takes you though all the practicalities to consider when implementing the personalised care planning approach, whether in a single clinic, throughout your practice or in a specialist service.

A clear explanation of PCP and its components, along with many practical examples and tips help you see exactly what you need to do to transform your service for people with long term conditions. This will enable people to participate more and benefit from making their own decisions that translate into increased motivation to self care. Consultations will be more satisfying, more relevant and more effective for both of you.

The handbook’s four sections include the background and evidence base for PCP and a comprehensive reference and resource section, as well as a step by step guide to the PCP consultation and chapters on quality assurance and documentation. Common concerns are addressed and frequently asked questions are answered, so you can have confidence in knowing that this approach will be successful.

Throughout the chapters, we’ve included many practical tips gained from real life experience, which will help you implement the approach efficiently and effectively. The whole book is written in a straightforward and personal style, based on our experience and expertise of person centred practice. It’s a must-have resource for anyone seeking to make personalised care planning a reality and transform the clinic experience of people living with long term conditions.

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