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The Diabetes Health Profile - A questionnaire to use in clinical practice to help assess emotional and psychological impacts of diabetes

The recently published Diabetes UK Guide for health professionals about diabetes and emotional health includes, in Chapter 1, a helpful section on using questionnaires to help assess the psychological impact of a person’s diabetes.  Several example questionnaires are included in the guide for specific aspects in the relevant chapters.  


However, if you or your team also need a more general measure, the Diabetes Health Profile (DHP) is available and includes assessment of psychological distress, barriers to activity and eating problems.  There’s a version for Type 1 diabetes only and one that can be used for people with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. It's been developed and made available by our longstanding colleague at Health Outcomes Insights, Dr Keith Meadows 


We’re happy to offer you all the information about the DHP here in our downloads section.  In our view it’s a great and topical addition to today's rapidly developing attention to emotional and psychological care - which we are delighted about and proud to contribute to.


Details of the DHP, how to obtain copies and discuss its use are included in the website the download links to.  Wishing you well with all your efforts to support people with diabetes emotionally as well as physically!


All about the DHP Here (links to external website)


Tips for a Lively 2020!  

Want to be more active in a way that fits in with your life, without having to set aside loads of time or get to the gym? Then this booklet is perfect for you. It's packed with ways to increase your movement, from your morning shower to getting to the pub after work! Some ideas you'll recognise, others you might be surprised by, but all are quick, easy and fun ways to move about more!

Download 'Tips for a Lively 2020'


How to Make Your Healthy Living Wishes a Reality!

It's time to dust off those plans for a healthier you and spring into action!  Our new practical guide gives you tried and tested ideas for success

Download my 'Healthy Living Wishes' ideas guide now


Successful Celebrations - For You and Your Diabetes!

Each year brings all sorts of other celebrations, as well as the traditional Festive seasons. Whatever you're celebrating, check out SD's special notes to make your event go with a swing and without a diabetes-related hitch! Wishing you a very successful time!

Download 'Successful Celebrations'


Non-Hunger Eating Introductory Booklet

Recently, Dr Jen Nash, Clinical Psychologist, and Rosie Walker of Successful Diabetes have teamed up to present 'Non-Hunger Eating' workshops, at Diabetes UK Annual Conference and forthcoming open workshop in July, 2017.  

They both often present on this topic and also the 'Eating Blueprint' set of skills that can help people who struggle with eating for comfort, boredom or other emotional reasons.

The 'Eating Blueprint' is the creation of Dr Jen and consists of an entire programme which is available to be studied. However, for people who have attended an introductory workshop about the 'Eating Blueprint', we have produced a short introduction booklet, to start to use the skills covered in the workshop, with our compliments. So, if you've a attended a workshop recently and are visiting this site wishing to access the booklet, all you need to do is contact us, add 'Eating Blueprint' in the text box, and we will send it to you straight away!


'A Little Book of Listening'

Particularly for health professionals, but a good read for everyone, our latest booklet gives inspiration and ideas to listen well, help people with motivation and support empowerment. Includes our 'Ten Commandments' for good listening, empowerment reflections, and much more to help use this vital skill every day!

Download 'A Little Book of Listening' now


How to Encourage Attendance for Diabetes Clinics and Education

A collection of ideas to encourage and entice people to attend and make the most of that precious clinic or education time

Download Inspiration Here!


'NICE Working - 10 'Guideline Headlines' Released!

On World Diabetes Day, 14 November, we were delighted to celebrate by releasing two more resources in our 'NICE Working' suite.  These give 10 'Guideline Headlines' from the newly updated NICE guidelines for Type 1 diabetes in adults and Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) in children and young people

On World Diabetes Day, 14 November, we were delighted to celebrate by releasing two more resources in our 'NICE Working' suite.  These give 10 'Guideline Headlines' from the newly updated NICE guidelines for Type 1 diabetes in adults and Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) in children and young people

In January 2016 we continued to extend these resources by releasing our 'Guideline Headlines' for the newly updated Type 2 diabetes in adults, after their publication in December 2015


Our 'Guideline Headlines' provide an overview of some of the important aspects of the recommendations, for anybody living or working with diabetes, and also explain how to get your own copy of the full guidelines.


Simply download your instant insight into the guidelines below, with our compliments!


Download '10 Guideline Headlines' for Children and Young People


Download '10 Guideline Headlines' for Adults with Type 1 Diabetes


Download '10 Guideline Headlines' for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes




Diabetes UK Conference Workshop Summary

Rosie Walker co-presented a workshop at the Diabetes UK Professional Conference 2015, alongside Jen Nash of Positive Diabetes.  Together, Jen and Rosie discussed an 'Emotional HBA1C' with the aim of mirroring attention on the medical HbA1c with the equally important emotional aspects which influence it.  These aspects were described and explained, and examples of 'Emotional HBA1C' were offered, before participants were invited to create their own personal 'take' on the emotional side. 

The workshop was well-attended and well-received, and we've written a summary of the workshop, including the slides and the participants' reflections.  We hope it will be useful and inspirational for everyone!

Download Workshop Summary

Mind your language - Oz style!

A recent blog post reminded us that language is all important in talking with and about people living with diabetes. The language we use conveys attitude and sadly, so often people feel judged and criticised by health professionals, even though that is rarely their intention.  Words such as 'failure' and 'noncompliant' can spill over into people's thoughts about themselves, too, which can lead to making less effort because, as someone memorably said to us once, 'I'll never be able to please them, so what's the point in trying?'.  Diabetes Australia - Vic produced a really helpful guide to what language is useful and less useful - and gives alternatives to the latter! It's as useful for us in the UK as it is in Australia, so if you want to gain more insight and/ or work on the language you use, give it a look and we hope you find it useful!

Download your copy here

'SD Signposts' - Published to Celebrate World Diabetes Day 2014!

'SD Signposts' is our collection of reliable resources of information and support for living well with diabetes, including a unique learning styles guide to help you choose what is going to suit you best!  It's here so you don't have to navigate through the maze of information that an Internet search can bring. We've done the hard work for you, and as with everything SD, you can be sure you'll find something in it to support and inspire you!  

Download 'SD Signposts' now!


Getting Personal! Latest Article Collection

Read a series of articles by Rosie Walker, published consecutively in the last three issues of the Journal 'Nursing in Practice'

Download Part 1: 'Care Planning for Long Term Conditions'

Request Part 2: 'The Personalised Consultation for Long Term Conditions'

(This file is slightly too big for our downloads section, so please get in touch to request it & we'll send it directly!)

Download Part 3: 'Personalised Care for Long Term Conditions'


'SD Top 3' Ebook

From 2013 to 2014, we published a monthly round up of 3 useful resources or developments that caught our eye but may have passed you by! 2014 saw the last 'SD Top 3' as we made way for our brand new 'Self Health Spotlight' feature.  To celebrate all the 'Top 3s', we've collected them together in an ebook download as a memento and little bit of diabetes and SD history!

Take me to the 'SD Top 3' ebook!

Goal Setting and Action Planning Article

Published in March 2014,  in 'Diabetes and Primary Care' Journal, this short article gives a practical overview of goal setting and action planning with two scenarios with example dialogue to bring this important part of a consultation to life.

Download the article here


Living with Diabetes - 24 Hours a Day

This snappy ebook 'tells it like it is' living with Type 1 diabetes. Shelley Bennett tells her story and gives her take on all the issues that diabetes brings - including being diagnosed, testing, eating out 'carrying the kitchen sink' and responding when people ask 'what's that?', and much more besides!  You may well recognise the situations Shelley talks about too - and especially the relief of finding other people in the same boat. You'll also get to hear about Shelley's great - and lively! - contribution to helping others get support in the form of 'Circle D'

Download 'Living with Diabetes - 24 Hours a Day' now

Personalised Care Planning - Q and A

If you are a health professional planning on implementing personalised care planning, build your confidence by reading our useful article from Diabetes and Primary Care in 2012, addressing some of the most common questions and concerns and giving you tips for success

Download the article now

SD Tips for Living with Diabetes - Booklet

9 sets of great tips covering coping with being diagnosed, managing sick days, going on holiday, making the most of your pump, and many more

Download my ‘SD Tips for Living with Diabetes’ booklet now

SD Tips for Health Professionals - Booklet

Want more successful consultations and group education sessions? We’ve got it covered in this set of tips

Download my ‘SD Tips for Health Professionals’ booklet now

SD Recipes - Booklet

Our collection of yummy recipes – and all ready carb, calorie, fat and saturated fat counted, so you don’t have to ‘guesstimate’ any more! All our recipes use everyday ingredients and straightforward instructions, so you could try one out for your very next meal!

Download my ‘SD Recipes’ booklet now

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