SD's Latest Article: How to Support Diabetes and Emotional Health


The latest addition to articles about Diabetes UK's 'Diabetes and emotional health: A practical guide for health professionals supporting adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes' by SD's Rosie Walker, has recently been published by The Journal of Diabetes Nursing

In the article, Rosie describes in detail the 7As model, the central model of practice to support emotional health presented in the Guide.  The important message about the model is that in using it, every health professional (and indeed other staff) working in diabetes care can contribute something valuable towards emotional as well as physical diabetes health.

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More about the Guide

The Guide was launched at Diabetes UK's Professional Conference in March 2019 and is itself the central plank of their 'It's Missing' campaign to highlight and improve diabetes emotional and mental health.

Find more information about the Guide here

Find out more about the campaign here



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