Personalised Care Planning For Diabetes And Other Long Term Conditions

Be at the forefront of diabetes care by using a personalised care planning approach to better help people with diabetes and other long term conditions to successfully self-manage!  This section tells you about our experience and successes to date, together with resources to help you learn more about personalised care planning, and also outlines the workshops we offer.

Why ask Successful Diabetes?

We are a leading independent provider of training for implementing personalised care planning. We have experience of running numerous workshops nationwide, involving many hundreds of participants, including people with diabetes. Our specialist skills in responding to local needs and our fully learner centred approach means that you can confidently commission a personalised care planning workshop from Successful Diabetes to get the outcomes you wish for.

Want more  information about Personalised Care Planning?

Our book 'Implementing Personalised Care Planning in Long Term Conditions' tells you everything you need to know about implementing personalised care planning. It's full of useful information and step-by-step guides and looks at personalised care planning from all perspectives. It's an ideal resource and you can see all the details and how to buy your copy here

Our ebook 'Person Centred Practice: A Concise Guide to Success' also gives a 'how to' approach to implementing person centred approaches in services and in consultations. Its friendly and accessible style mirrors the approach itself, giving evidence and practical implementation tips for anyone wishing to transform the way people experience their services. See all the details and how to buy your copy here

Our 2012 article from the journal Diabetes and Primary Care addresses common concerns and questions raised by health professionals, about personalised care planning (opens PDF document)


 Complimentary Book Included!

We're delighted to say that relevant workshops include as standard a complimentary copy of the supporting SD book for each participant or participating team. This means extra resources to help with putting learning into practice and key references always close to hand!

Each participant will also automatically receive SD's fresh new certificate of attendance, either in hard copy or electronically - or both if you wish!.  Please see the individual workshop pages below for details or consult the SD Workshop Booklist

Read on for our range of Personalised Care Planning Workshops...

There are a number of standard personalised care planning workshop options available, which are detailed below. We are particularly pleased to offer two additional options, which will help you develop trainers and mentors to be able to implement care planning in your area. It is recommended that any of the chosen options are part of a larger implementation plan within a locality.

Personalised Care Planning: Putting the Theory into practice

This is a one day workshop with a follow-up half day 1-3 months later. It is designed to help practitioners such as GPs, practice nurses, healthcare assistants and administrative staff work together on understanding care planning and identifying strategies to be able to implement this into their own practice. The workshops can be focused on diabetes, on long term conditions generally, or on a single long term condition according to local need. A single workshop and follow-up can be purchased, or a series of workshops and follow-ups to integrate care planning across a locality.

Cost of Personalised Care Planning: Putting the Theory into practice: £2000

Personalised Care Planning Mentor Development Programme

This new programme consists of the Personalised Care Planning programme with additional training for a number of the participants (who have been identified in advance) to enable them to provide help and support for practices implementing the care planning approach. It also includes support materials in the form of a handbook and reflective practice materials for ongoing development.


Personalised Care Planning Trainer Development Programme

This new programme consists of the Personalised Care Planning programme with additional training for a number of the participants (who have been identified in advance) who will become providers of ongoing Personalised Care Planning training locally.

Cost: £8,000

Personalised Care planning workshops for people with diabetes and long term conditions

This one day workshop is useful to help people with diabetes and long term conditions locally to understand personalised care planning and its implications for them.

Costs: £1200, per our terms and conditions for a one day workshop.

Get in touch if you are interested in receiving further information about any of the above workshops,  or if you would like us to design a programme for your specific needs, or to make an enquiry about booking a personalised care planning workshop.

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