The Diabetes Manual Structured Education Programme for Type 2 Diabetes: 'One-to-One, All-in-One'

The Diabetes Manual Structured Education Programme for Type 2 Diabetes: 'One-to-One, All-in-One'

Information for Commissioners of Health and Social Care

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We are delighted that Successful Diabetes has been awarded a license from Warwick University to provide The Diabetes Manual Education Programme for Type 2 Diabetes and to make it available for commission to NHS, local authority, social care and independent organisations in the UK.

This represents a major contribution towards enabling all people with Type 2 diabetes access to education that is recommended by NICE and the diabetes audit standards, and meets present and future QOF indicators and CCG Outcomes Indicator Set (OIS)

Investing in the Diabetes Manual Programme will enable you to:

  • Provide an effective and cost-effective structured education programme for people with Type 2 diabetes, delivered ‘in-house’ (eg practice or hospital diabetes clinic)
  • Increase self-management, motivation and satisfaction of people with Type 2 diabetes
  • Increase local capacity for Type 2 structured diabetes education
  • Reduce the need for outside referrals for Type 2 diabetes structured education
  • Reduce inequalities in access to Type 2 diabetes structured education
  • Meet national recommendations for Type 2 diabetes structured education
  • Deliver on present and future diabetes clinical and educational QOF / CCG indicators
  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff in providing diabetes education

About the Diabetes Manual Programme (DMP)

The DMP is a fully evidence-based, structured education programme for Type 2 diabetes in the UK. People undertaking it work through it at home in their own time, with an introduction and three scheduled, timed support contacts from their trained facilitator (for example, a Practice Nurse or Diabetes Specialist Nurse).

The programme lasts for 12 weeks and consists of a workbook (paper or electronic version), a relaxation audio disc / USB and a set of questions and answers, also on disc / USB. The person undertaking the programme keeps the book and discs / USBs for continuous further reference and use, to maintain their knowledge and motivation.

The DMP is theoretically based on self-efficacy and has been shown to enable people to be more confident and pro-active in self-managing their diabetes and making positive changes to their lifestyle. Engaging with the programme reduces HbA1c, a reduction shown to be maintained for 12 months.

The DMP is an ideal structured education solution for the majority of people with Type 2 diabetes, especially those who cannot or choose not to attend group-based structured education classes or where these are not available or capacity is limited. 

Who is the Diabetes Manual Programme for?

It is for people with Type 2 diabetes of any duration, in any setting and with other conditions, both physical and mental health related. Its personal nature means that the pace and style of learning can be adapted by the individual, without losing any benefit.

A major advantage of the DMP is that it can be introduced and supported in practice, within existing diabetes clinical time, without the need for outside referral. Introduction takes approximately 30 minutes and the scheduled support contacts can be by telephone, email or face to face and last for 10 minutes. These can easily be arranged within existing diabetes clinical time and can be by telephone, email or face-to-face, by mutual arrangement.

Scheduled support meetings can also be arranged in small groups of diabetes manual users, where this is feasible, making them even more cost-effective and offering the benefit of peer support.

Successful Diabetes is a licensee of the Diabetes Manual Programme from Warwick University, where it was developed, and provides a single point of contact for information, training and ongoing supplies, making access to the programme efficient and cost-effective.

Training for Providing the Diabetes Manual Programme

Training for Diabetes Manual Facilitators is comprehensive and lasts for 2 days, providing knowledge, skills and confidence in delivering the programme and scheduled support. Training includes an initial set of 10 manual programmes per facilitator. Further supplies are easily available, and linked to a unique and straightforward quality assurance and audit process, so that people with Type 2 diabetes receive consistent, quality education.

Training is provided by Successful Diabetes on site for groups of diabetes manual facilitators, identified locally (for example practice nurses from a CCG or a team of diabetes specialist nurses / educators in a hospital or community team). The commissioning body organises the venue, refreshments and people and Successful Diabetes provides the training, including all the materials and initial supplies and arrangements for ongoing supplies, facilitator support, QA and audit.

The training package also includes an annual update, held in the locality, for all diabetes manual facilitators, to maintain their knowledge and confidence and promote consistency of delivery.

Training costs 2018

2-day course and annual update, for up to 20 Diabetes Manual Facilitators, including 10 copies of the Diabetes Manual Programme per facilitator and all SD trainer costs: £14,000 + VAT.

This package provides structured education for 200 people with Type 2 diabetes.

Training for an individual practice or service is also available: we will be delighted to propose costs according your specific needs. Costs will include initial and ongoing training, initial diabetes manual programme materials, quality assurance and audit tools and trainer expenses.

Further Supplies, Quality Assurance and Audit

Further supplies of sets of 20 Diabetes Manual Programmes are provided at a cost of £750 + VAT*, including delivery and quality assurance described below.

Supplies are linked to an online declaration of the diabetes manual facilitators’ continuing confidence and consistency of delivery and to the provision of a small amount of anonymised audit data including minimal clinical information. This enables the programme’s effectiveness to be monitored.

Diabetes Manual Facilitators are expected to attend a one-day update training (included in the training package) at least every two years and annually if they wish, so that they receive ongoing support for their work and to enhance consistency of delivery.

Questions and Booking

For a free, 10-page 'e-sample' of the Diabetes Manual book, copies of the research publications,  to ask questions, discuss the Diabetes Manual Programme being delivered in your locality, or to register your interest (with no obligation), please contact us, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 07885 499943. We’ll be delighted to talk with you!

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