Workshop Terms, Conditions and Costs 2023

Please read the following terms and conditions or download a PDF copy

Workshop Terms, Conditions and Costs 2023

Thank you for considering holding a Successful Diabetes workshop!

Workshops and other services can be purchased by making an initial enquiry by telephoning or emailing Successful Diabetes. The telephone number is 07885 499943 (Rosie Walker) and email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Discussions will then take place by email or telephone to determine the exact nature of the product requested, dates, venues and other organisational aspects.

Payment will be by invoice on confirmation of the booking. Invoice terms are 14 days.

Please note that booking a workshop indicates acceptance of Successful Diabetes terms and conditions, particularly in relation to cancellation and postponement charges for short notice changes (see below).

Successful Diabetes undertakes to:

Agree the workshop to be provided with the organiser, including any specific tailoring of an existing product, to meet the learning outcomes agreed.

Deliver the service that has been booked to meet the outcomes agreed with the organiser.

Provide all relevant resources and materials except where agreed otherwise.

Provide a write-up of the workshop content if required and if agreed in advance of the workshop being held.

The organiser undertakes to:

Select the workshop they require and identify the outcomes they wish the service to achieve.

Liaise with Successful Diabetes to agree mutually acceptable dates and timings of the service.

Arrange the venue, venue equipment and refreshments for participants.

Contact participants and provide them with all necessary information about the event.

Provide Successful Diabetes with invoice address details and ensure payment is made promptly on receipt of an invoice.

Ensure that Successful Diabetes copyrighted materials are not duplicated without prior permission.

Cancellation and postponement charges

Cancellation by the organiser more than 4 weeks in advance - no charge.

Cancellation by the organiser 2-4 weeks prior to the event - 25% of the service costs.

Cancellation by the organiser within 2 weeks of the event - 50% of the service costs.

Cancellation charges will include any travel and accommodation costs already paid where a refund of those costs cannot be obtained by other means.

Cancellation by Successful Diabetes - any monies already paid will be refunded unless the organiser wishes to use them to cover a future event.

If the organiser wishes to postpone an event, the cancellation charges above will apply, but if the event is rescheduled within three months of the original event, cancellation charges will then be deducted from the amount payable following the event.

Costs of workshops 2023

Except where otherwise stated next to the workshop description or in a bespoke proposal, the costs of workshops are as follows:

Day or part day for up to 20 people: £1300

Workshops for greater number are costed on request

Please read the following notes about Successful Diabetes workshop costs

The costs of workshops are for the planning, preparation and delivery of the workshop content by the facilitator or facilitators.

Travel costs for the facilitator/s (which may include train fares, mileage costs at inland revenue rates and parking charges) will be added to the costs of services, except where these are specified as included.

In cases where overnight accommodation is required for the facilitator, this will be added to the cost of the service unless booked and paid for directly by the organiser, except where this is specified as included.

An invoice will be sent within seven days of the workshop being confirmed and should be paid within 14 days from the date of the invoice.

Successful Diabetes reserves the right to charge interest at the rate of 5% per month on all accounts not settled within 30 days.

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