Pump Websites and Support

There are many different websites available that can provide information, support and practical tips in a variety of ways. This section gives you some ideas on where to get started to find the type of information you need. Information about currently available pumps in the UK can be found through some of the websites below, where indicated.

Diabetes UK, the national charity for diabetes, has a very helpful insulin pump section with comprehensive information:


There, you will find a short summary of what pump therapy is, answers to common questions, information about pump use in the UK, and details of the pumps currently available in the UK together with their manufacturers and website details. Diabetes UK also have a position statement on insulin pump therapy.

NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, provides guidance to the NHS on the use of insulin pumps: Diabetes - insulin pump therapy (TA151)


Published in 2008, this guidance outlines the circumstances when insulin pumps should be provided by the NHS, based on disabling hypoglycaemia and ongoing uncontrolled blood glucose levels. Children under 12 can access pump therapy more easily - see the section on children and young people for more information.

INPUT, is a UK registered charity, set up and run by people with diabetes. It provides a vast amount of information on insulin pumps


INPUT helps people in the UK have better access to pump therapy, so includes information on funding and what to do if you are having difficulty obtaining a pump. The website is also full of lots of other information, ranging from basic pump information to useful technologies like continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and funding for this, plus access to sufficient testing strips. There are links to a huge range of other sources of information, including parliamentary debates, blogs, useful resources, apps and much more. The organisation's staff are pump users and make every effort to include any useful information they come across in relation to pump therapy and diabetes.

Insulin Pumpers UK, an independent organisation set up to help people with diabetes, and run by volunteers.


Insulin Pumpers UK provides information about pumps, including lots of useful anecdotal stories from pump users themselves. The main focus of this organisation is to provide opportunities to enrol and have email discussions with others using pump therapy.

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