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Each month from October 2013 to November 2014, to coincide with our newsletter, we offered you our pick of the top 3 useful documents, websites or other resources about diabetes or other long term conditions, that had caught our eye - so you didn't miss anything! Our choices have been in line with our philosophy, so we've included items that are person-centred, promoting of empowerment or psychological aspects, offer a great way of learning or are simply inspirational!

November 2014 saw the last of our series of 'Top 3s' as we said goodbye in order to welcome a new feature, 'Self Health Spotlight' in the New Year

We hope you've found our 'SD Top 3's a useful addition to your life or work with diabetes, too. As a memento, reminder and tribute to all the inspiring organisations, resources and developments that were included, we've made an ebook collection of all the Top 3s, including the last ones published below. It's now a little bit of SD history for you to download and keep!

Download the SD Top 3 Ebook Collection (opens PDF)

SD Top 3 - November 2014

Download PDF of November's 'SD Top 3'

November’s Number 1!

The Diabetes Times is an online newspaper which brings a round up of the latest news about all aspects of diabetes, for people living with it and health professionals.  We’re impressed with its easy to read layout and great way of bringing together news and stories to interest and inspire us all!  Well done, The Diabetes Times!

See the Diabetes Times here

November’s Number 2!

We were particularly struck by the news earlier this month that weight loss surgery seemed to reduce the diagnosis of diabetes by 80%, based on a study published in a reputable journal.  While this is exciting from the point of view of prevention in those individuals, it seemed to us to highlight the issue of ‘prevention of prevention’ even further.

Comment was made by one of the interviewees, that some of the resources expended on surgery (with all its risks) might be better aimed at preventing the development of the conditions that may lead to Type 2 diabetes, including obesity and lack of exercise. This isn’t a new message, but this study seemed to show that Type 2 diabetes can indeed be prevented in some people.  The debate will continue, but we think this means we all have to think about prevention much more seriously.

Read about the weight loss study & preventing Type 2 diabetes

November’s Number 3!

The Health Foundation have produced a great new guide to person centred care.  Called ‘person centred care made simple’, it distils a great deal of evidence and information into one easy to read guide.  At SD, we are committed to person centred approaches, so welcome this and wish it a great readership!

More information and download your own copy

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