History of SD

Successful Diabetes (SD) was originally set up by Rosie Walker and Jill Rodgers, two former diabetes specialist nurses, to be able to provide the type of skills training opportunities that were lacking in an acute-focussed NHS, based on an empowerment philosophy. From 2002 to 2012, Rosie and Jill invested in learning more about what approaches were most effective in terms of engaging with people within consultations and group education sessions, resulting in enhanced skills in psychology, education and person-centredness.

Together, they developed new programmes and workshops to meet the changing needs of the NHS, particularly in relation to the increasing recognition of the importance of self-management and of the need for health professionals to receive training in new ways of working. Rosie and Jill also published a number of books relating to their workshops and their areas of expertise, which have been extremely well received.

In 2012, Jill made the decision to leave Successful Diabetes and work independently, and then retired in 2017. She remains a good friend to Successful Diabetes and to Rosie personally.  Rosie continues in the role of company director, developing and delivering high quality, outcome-driven programmes tailored to commissioners' needs and working with specialist associates when the need arises.  

In 2014, Professor Jackie Sturt of Kings College, London became SD's Associate Director for the Diabetes Manual Programme and Diabetes Manual Complete.

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You can contact Jill Rodgers via our contact us page. Leave her a message with your contact details and it will be passed on to her.

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