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Providing Structured Diabetes Education for Children and Young People

"The theory behind each session relates not only to the recommendations for caring for children with diabetes but to child development theories as well. The sessions are adapted for each age group and I could see many of my children doing the activities suggested in the book. I also liked that the sessions were short - only about an hour, which means that they could be scheduled for after school rather than waiting for the school holidays where you miss the children who have gone away or get a better offer!
The only down side is the bits and pieces that are suggested like the small presents for the younger children and provision of snacks. For teams with no budgets this could be difficult however I'm sure there would be some parents who would be happy to raise some money or donate/make some of the props.
In conclusion this is a good place to start when trying to set up a structured education programme for children with diabetes."

K Daniel, Amazon Review

Implementing Personalised Care Planning in Long Term Conditions

"This is a really helpful and practical book. It gives a clear explanation of what care planning is all about, and really practical advice on how to implement the approach in practice. It is right up to date with its information, and sources. I would recommend this for anyone who is wanting to learn more about personalised care planning or who wishes to implement it in practice. It will change your view of long-term conditions management."

Tom Humphries, GP and Long Term Conditions Lead, Derbyshire

Type 2 Diabetes: Your Questions Answered

"Good basic book for one newly diagnosed with diabetes. Provides what it says, answers to many questions one has about the illness."

Mr JR Seman, Amazon Review

"This is a book produced by Diabetes UK and contains practical advice . I found it straightforward and useful, and did answer my questions. It would be useful for any newly diagnosed diabetic"

'Handy little book', Amazon Review

"Just what was needed to help us come to terms and understand my husband's diagnosis and then thankfully conquer it"

Rosel, Amazon Review

"Very informative book, one of the best I have read on Diabetes. Was recommended to me by my GP"

Sara Ovington, 5 Star Amazon Review 

"Very useful information, a very good read"

G.V.Carlile, 5 Star Amazon Review

"Very helpful book, many questions answered"

Miss C Caclannan, 5 Star Amazon Review 


Success with Your Insulin Pump

"I bought this book prior to starting on an insulin pump. It is written by an english author and I found the format much more to my liking than many of the american books. It is simply written and easy to follow. It is not overly complicated and full of things that are not relevant when starting out. I found some useful pointers and tips and am glad that I purchased it. A lot of diabetes book authors could learn from this book, keep it simple. Starting on a pump has a huge information overload without adding much craziness to the equation. Well recommended."

Mrs O, Amazon Review

"In May 2013 our daughter Hanna, who was three years and four months old at the time, was diagnosed at Royal Berkshire Hospital with Type 1 diabetes. Obviously this was a complete shock to us, and since then we have been learning how to live and cope with diabetes. On 17th Feb 2014 after 9 months of struggling with insulin pens, and bad reactions to the Lantus injections, Hanna was put on an insulin pump. After getting an understanding of how to control diabetes with the pens, we now had to learn again new processes and control methods. Although we did not obtain your book Success with your Insulin Pump prior to Hanna being fitted with a pump, your book has been invaluable in learning understanding the differences between Hanna's treatment by pen and the pump. The book is clear and concise, and has been easy to follow and pick out the relevant information that we have required. Since being on the pump, Hanna's HbA1c has been much more under control, and has led as normal a life as her friends and family as possible. We now feel that we are more in control of diabetes, rather than the other way round. Your book has provided us with useful advice that we have been able to share with our daughter"

Stuart Gardner, via Successful Diabetes

Diabetes: a practical guide to managing your health

"One of my patients who had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 9 years ago was given Diabetes: a practical guide to managing your health for Christmas. She told members of the local support group that she had learned more from the book than she had over the past 9 years, and felt that other members of the group would find the book a very good read."

Alyson Simpson, Diabetes Specialist Nurse, Leicester.

"I have just read your book Diabetes: a practical guide to managing your health and wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. It is so easy to read, but so concise without being complicated. Beautifully written and illustrated, and a great reference book for patients. I am just sorry I did not read it sooner. I plan to have one on my shelf in my office and will certainly be recommending it to my clients."

Helen Millar, Diabetes Dietitian, Glasgow.

"A good guide if like me you have just been diagnosed with Diabetes. There is so much confusion out there in the market place and this starter helps sort some of it."

Gurru, Amazon Review

"This has been so useful, as I have recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and now have a very good guide I can refer to."

Boudicca, Amazon Review

"My best friend has type 1 diabetes which has been causing serious scares lately. I bought this book to help me understand what he is coping with. It ended up being a source of information for him too. after over 30 years he felt it was finally explained in a way that made sense. with recent highs of 26 and a low of 0.7 it is a scary ride but for the first time in years he feels calm as he now understands what his body is doing and how to cope with it. It also made him realise he is not on his own with his natural fear when his diabetes feels out of control. I want this book on my kindle so I can take it with me wherever I am. Get this book if you want an easy honest answer to your questions. Equally useful whether it is for you or someone precious to you. Understanding diabetes will ultimately improve your way of living with it and enjoying the best that life can offer."

Mrs K E Millar, Amazon Review 

“I'm studying diabetes management care at college and this is a very good reference book. Ideal if you' ve just been diagnosed with diabetes or you want to explain it to someone else”

Decome Degu , 5 Star Amazon Review  

“A very helpful book covering everything you will need to know about diabetes”

Supercooper’ 4 Star Amazon Review

“I bought this book on learning I was diabetic, as I didn't have much of an idea of what it meant to me. This book is easy to read, informative and dispels any silly old-wives-tales.

Very pleased with it, and have told so many other people about it too...”

Ashley Deutschmann , 5 Star Amazon Review 

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