Webinar Recording and Resources: Language Matters and Supporting Emotional Health


We're delighted to provide the recording of our Webinar on 30th September 2020, alongside all the resources you need to put 'Language Matters: Supporting Emotional Health' for diabetes into practice!

View Webinar Recording here

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Download Resources Listing as PDF Booklet: (contains the listing below) here

Q & A from the Webinar (PDF Booklet) - here

Resources Listing:

Primary Resources:

NHS England:‘Language Matters: a position statement’ 



Diabetes UK: ‘Diabetes and Emotional Health: A practical guide to supporting adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes’



Successful Diabetes: The Successful Diabetes Language Challenge


International Website (Newly lauched September 2020!)Language Matters Diabetes


Peer Support (UK):

The Great Britain Diabetes Online Community

Use #gbdoc on Twitter to interact with other people living with diabetes


Diabetes UK:  'Community' Pages:


Young Adults and Diabetes: Diabetes UK Pages


A Further Learning Opportunity

A 3 - hour online, interactive workshop ‘Supporting and Assessing Emotional Health in Adults with Diabetes’, presented by Rosie Walker and Keith Meadows is available for registrations here:


Resources recommended by individual speakers:

Cathy Lloyd

Language Matters: A UK Perspective (Review) here (Opens/Downloads PDF)

Cathy is presenting a further Webinar on ‘Language Matters’ on 5th November 2020. Details here:


Peter Jennings


Time in Range: Blog:


EASD e-learning module about time in range here:

Guidance on Time in Range here:



Keith Meadows:


The Diabetes Health Profile: Details here


Arie Nouwen:

Why Psychosocial Care Matters: Podcast Series

Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) Organisation: Website


Bob Swindell:

Language Matters Publications from other Countries, including Diabetes Australia, American Diabetes Association (ADA), Association of American Diabetes Educators (AADE). These are all listed on this page:

Holt, R.,Speight, J (2017). The language of diabetes: the good, the bad and the ugly. Diabetic Medicine, 34, 1496-1497

here (Opens / Downloads PDF)


Diabetes UK: Learning Zone


Diabetes Etiquette - for people who don't have diabetes! (A PDF) here:



A full description of the Webinar, including speaker biographies, can be found here



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