What we do

For those of you who live with diabetes, we strongly believe that you should have good and varied information that helps you to think about your own situation, identify your own feelings and priorities, and make your own decisions about what is right for you and your diabetes care. There is no one answer to how to live with diabetes but there are many ways of fitting it in successfully to your life - we want you to feel successful in the ways you have chosen. Diabetes is lifelong and changes as time goes by, so you may need new ways and ideas to respond to those changes. We provide help and information that give you support along your journey.

For those of you who are health professionals or involved in providing care for people with diabetes, we know that as you strive to provide the best care, you need support, skills and information to help you. Our workshops and information will help you to have greater success and help you work in partnership with people with diabetes. One of our specialities is providing tailor-made solutions to people's training needs, so we can adapt any of our workshops to suit the needs of your group. We also develop new workshops in response to changing patterns of care in the NHS, so for example we have led the way in developing training in using a personalised care planning approach.

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