Out Now!: New Book - 'The Diabetes Handbook' (pub: Dorling Kindersley)

It's a pleasure to announce that 'The Diabetes Handbook', written by Rosie Walker and published by Dorling Kindersley is available from 5th November 2020!  

As the title suggests, it covers all aspects of life with diabetes across the ages, with a particular emphasis on practical aspects, including 'how to's and tips. In true Dorling Kindersley style, there are lots of lovely colourful illustrations including both photos and diagrams. It went to press in June, so it is as up to date as it is possible to be!

In keeping with my philosophy and practice, emotional and psychological aspects are covered in detail and referenced throughout the book, and its tone is as empathic, positive, supportive and person-centred as I could possibly make it - following the principles of language matters, and what I know is important to people living with diabetes.

I have been very proud to write this book and try to include all the information that I have learned and hear people with diabetes say they wish for, plus present it in a practical and supportive way.  I'm really hoping that it will help people starting out and also those with experience, to find something useful that helps on the journey of life with diabetes.  I also hope that it might be of use to health professionals, as a resource for the people they work with and perhaps also for themselves, for that odd nugget of unexpectedly useful information!

If you want to have a look at it, it's on the DK website here and Waterstones here (links open new windows) - but it will also be available in all other independent and online bookshops and, I hope, libraries too!





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