Encouraging Attendance at Type 2 Diabetes Education

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This unique workshop addresses one of the most pressing needs in diabetes care - how to encourage and support people who are referred to Type 2 diabetes education programmes, to attend them.  National figures suggest that currently only approximately 10% of those referred attend, and the literature concerning the reasons why is growing. This workshop will help you to close the referral-attendance gap!

The workshop is for any members of staff who are in contact with people at the time of their diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes and subsequent referral to their local education programme. This means most particularly GPs and Practice Nurses, but could also include clinical and administrative support staff and specialists, including Dietitians and Podiatrists.  There is important learning for everyone in this workshop!

The workshop is supported by materials, references and resources and is fully interactive and learner-centred. This means, for example, that participants are encouraged to explore their own styles of referrals and generate and practice personal ways of translating messages from the literature around barriers to attendance into their own consulting style and timings.

‘Encouraging Attendance’ has already been shown to improve attendance to over 50% in areas which have commissioned it as part of their efforts to focus on Type 2 diabetes education.  It was originally developed as a 3-hour session, but can be offered in timings to suit your needs from 2 hours upwards.  The workshop has also been translated in one area, into an interactive Webinar so that staff can access it at a convenient time and place.  Whatever the timings or the means of learning you choose to commission, it is enjoyable, engaging, and above all, effective in enabling more people to reap the benefits of local education programmes


Workshop Structure

In usual Successful Diabetes style, this is an interactive, learner-centred workshop which can incorporate locally-desired outcomes. We will work with you to create the design, timings and outcomes you wish for and deliver it promptly and effectively



Workshop Costs (for up to 30 Participants in the UK)

The workshop cost includes all facilitator costs and travel and excludes venue and equipment, refreshments and participant attendance and expenses

Workshop for up to 4 hours costs £1000

For 2 workshops per day (eg a morning and afternoon session, or  an afternoon and evening session) the cost is £1200

Workshops of longer duration, or incorporating other means of learning or outcomes, will be costed on request

The workshop is subject to our usual terms and conditions, which you can find here


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