Carb-Counted Recipes for Diabetes

Carb-Counted Recipes for Diabetes

To celebrate National Diabetes Week in June 2012, and in response to the popularity of our website monthly recipes, we published our unique book ‘Carb Counted Recipes for Diabetes’.

From delectable desserts to comforting casseroles, this book gives you dishes to suit every occasion, taste and mood. You’ll find over 65 tried and tested recipes using everyday ingredients and with clear step by step instructions, so making them is equally easy if you’re a regular cook or just starting out. You’ll be able to wow your family or guests in no time!

To quickly and easily help work out how they affect your diabetes, each recipe has carb, calorie, fat and saturated fat all worked out per portion - no more ‘guesstimating’ required! We’ve also included unique recipe calculation tables, which rank the recipes by the different nutritional values – so you can make instant comparisons and create and calculate whole menus with confidence.

Whether you want a quick starter, a posh main, something for the barbecue, a special treat for a party, something traditional or new, spicy or vegetarian, or simply some new ideas, you’ll find what you need in one of these great sections: Nibbles and Canapés; Soups; Salads; Fish, Meat and Vegetarian Mains; Carb-based and Veg Side Dishes; and Desserts.

This book is simply a must if you have diabetes! There are no restrictions on any type of ingredient and it will help you understand the food you eat and make choices about your eating, based on reliable information. Many of today's 'difficult to calculate' foods are included, including Chinese and pasta favourites and luxury desserts, so you can get on with enjoying them without the worry of their effect on your diabetes.

So what are you waiting for? Get the book, put on your apron, choose your recipe and cook and eat with confidence!

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