ONLINE WORKSHOP! Supporting and Assessing Emotional Health in Adults with Diabetes

Welcome to everything you need to know about attending our new ONLINE workshop, officially approved by Diabetes UK!

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Overview of Workshop

  • A 3.5-hour interactive workshop held on the Zoom platform
  • A maximum of 15 participants per workshop
  • £50 per participant
  • Participants can be any diabetes clinical staff who regularly consult with adults with diabetes and / or those who have responsibility for audit, assessment and research in diabetes care. Its aim is to provide evidence-based, practical skills to use in consultations about emotional health.


2023 Dates 

Mornings AM (09.30 - 13.00)

    Afternoons PM (13.00 - 16.30)



Tuesday January 24th AM

    Thursday February 16th PM

Wednesday March 22nd AM

    Tuesday April 25th PM

Wednesday May 31 AM

    Thursday June 15th PM

Wednesday September 27th AM    

    Tuesday October 10th PM

Wednesday October 25th AM

    Thursday November 16th PM

Tuesday November 28th AM

    Wednesday 6th December PM



This useful, practical workshop addresses one of the most challenging, sometimes overlooked, areas in diabetes care - how to support people with their emotional as well as physical health.  Diabetes can have a profound effect on emotions, both in the short and long term, and can lead to difficulties in self-care as well as interactions and engagements with health professionals and others providing care. 

Conversely, experiencing difficult emotions and coinciding mental health challenges and diagnoses can make living with diabetes much more burdensome.  Health professionals often say they feel ill-equipped to deal with emotional issues in diabetes clinical situations, or to pro-actively assess these

The impacts of Covid-19 have recently had many effects on mental health and diabetes, for example health-related anxiety, isolation and bereavement as well as more limited contacts with health professionals

For all these reasons, our workshop is offered to help you refresh and expand your skills in emotional health support as well as the equally important physical and clinical care you provide

This workshop supports participants to gain more practical knowledge of diabetes and emotions, by describing and exploring the different aspects through presentations and practical and interactive activities. Uniquely, we also present and teach ways to assess and monitor emotional health, both of individual people in day to day clinical encounters, and also in your clinic population. We explore which tools to use and how they can enhance your clinical practice and evidence base

Participants will leave with new knowledge and confidence to manage emotional aspects of diabetes and an action plan to incorporate emotional care equally with physical care. As with all Successful Diabetes workshops, they will have participated in an enjoyable learning experience provided by experts in diabetes, education and facilitation

Workshop Structure

This is a 3.5-hour workshop with the following programme:

Introduction and Welcome

Activity 1

Presentation 1:  Emotional Health and Diabetes

Presentation 2: Measuring Emotional Health in Diabetes

Discussion and Questions

Short Break

Skills Practical 1: Providing Emotional Health Support

Skills Practical 2: Administering and Interpreting Questionnaires

Reflection and Action Planning

Signposting Resources and Farewell

Workshop Facilitators

The workshop facilitators are Rosie Walker, Director, Successful Diabetes and Dr Keith Meadows, Health Psychologist and CEO, Health Outcomes Insights Ltd. Both are highly qualified, experienced and committed to, the delivery of emotional care and assessing emotional health. The workshop is based on, and will feature, first-hand testimony and experiences of people living with diabetes.  The workshop will also showcase and refer to the Diabetes UK's online resource, 'Diabetes and emotional health: a practical guide for healthcare professionals supporting people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes'. 

Workshop Cost 

This workshop costs £50.00 per participant

This workshop automatically includes downloadable resources and a certificate of attendance, also available by email on request

To book your place, please download, complete and email the registration and payment form

Or, for expressions of interest:

Contact Rosie Walker on 07885 499943  or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with any questions or to discuss further


We're proud to say this workshop is approved by Diabetes UK

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