Successful Diabetes

Successful Diabetes

Patient - September 2015

Welcome to our final monthly spotlight on an organisation or resource that can help us all in our quest for better health!

The September spotlight's on......Patient 

Read on for all the details and/or download your personal copy here!

What is it?

Patient refers to itself as ‘one of the most trusted medical resources online’ and seems to have many credentials to live up to that claim. It’s owned by the medical IT company ‘EMIS’, who supply information systems to many medical organisations, such as GP practices and who care very much about making sure their product helps practitioners do their job well.  It’s also been nominated for Website of the Year, 2015!


Patient started life as a patient information portal and was invented by 2 doctors who wanted useful information to be available for people to find themselves.  Its content is now put together by an editorial team consisting mainly of UK doctors, supported by and website editors and managers.  The information is both for patients and health professionals, with a dedicated professional reference area and professional blogs


There is information about every possible condition you might come across (we tried and even the most unlikely we could think of was there!) and is regularly reviewed and updated. It is presented in a number of ways, for example, in fact sheets, information pages and a series of videos with Dr Sarah Jarvis. In addition, there are many discussion forums where people can ask and answer questions of each other and share experiences and tips.


The site has comprehensive information about itself and what it provides, including terms of use and how it is funded (no drug companies, but advertising banners, with all revenue going to EMIS to support the site).  Site users can create their own ‘my health’ account, download Apps and use the symptom checker among many other activities related to your health.  The ‘wellbeing’ section covers healthy living as well as responding to what’s in the news about health, including food and medication stories.

How can it help me with living with diabetes?

The diabetes section is extremely comprehensive, and as an independent, medically written site, you can rely on its content.  Its style is very easy to read, so if you’re looking for a new angle or refresher on diabetes, this might be a good place to start. The food section in wellbeing is very helpful, too and of course, you can discuss issues and aspects of your diabetes with others on the discussion forums and hear what others’ think and experience.


One aspect of the site that could also help is the shop, which rather than selling products, acts as a price comparison site, so if you regularly use over the counter medicines, this might be helpful.  It’s worth noting that if you search for products such as ‘blood glucose meter’ (as we did), a range of adverts also comes up as well as the shop’s response to the search term.

How can it help me with working with diabetes?

As diabetes rarely exists on its own, the whole range of medical information both for patients and professionals on this site might be very helpful in keeping you up to date in a very accessible way.  it’s also a site you can pass on with confidence to the people with diabetes you see, if they have information needs

The discussion forums can be very illuminating in showing how people living with diabetes are feeling and the kinds of experiences and concerns they have and are sharing

Finally, as we regularly say here, being a professional doesn’t necessarily mean you might not be in need of medical help yourself, or a reminder about healthy living – it’s very much in vogue now to focus on the health and wellbeing of NHS workers, in particular – so you might find something helpful for yourself or your family and friends here, too!

Our 3 top reasons to give it a try

1.    It’s full of variety, but easy to read and navigate


2.    It’s serious and clear about its intentions and limitations


3.    It’s run and written by UK doctors and other health professionals

Any down sides?

We may not have searched hard enough, but we couldn’t find out if the discussion forums were purely for people to talk to each other or if the moderators/medical authors ever contributed or answered questions.  It wasn’t in the terms of use details and we felt this would be useful to know in case any user thought that they would get a response from a doctor. 

Hope you like our take on Patient, which forms the final instalment of ‘Self Health Spotlight’


All the ‘Spotlights’ and ‘SD Signposts’ itself are both still available. Just follow the links!





'NICE Working': Implementing Updated NICE Guidelines: A Practical Workshop

Welcome to everything you need to know about our topical workshop!

Workshops include SD books!

We're delighted to say that relevant workshops include as standard a complimentary copy of the supporting SD book for each participant or participating team. This means extra resources to help with putting learning into practice and key references always close to hand!

Each participant will also automatically receive SD's fresh new certificate of attendance, either in hard copy or electronically - or both if you wish!.  Please see the individual workshop details below or consult the SD Workshop Booklist!

Please find all the information about the workshop below,


Download as a PDF

‘NICE Working’

Implementing Updated NICE Guidelines: A Practical Workshop for Diabetes Teams, Primary Care Practices, CCGs and others

This topical, workshop was created in 2015, in response to the release of updated NICE guidelines for Type 1 Diabetes in Adults, Children and Young People with Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2), Type 2 Diabetes in Adults and with the new emphasis on the prevention of Type 2 Diabetes 

The one-day event arms participants with the knowledge and skills to implement the guidance relevant to their area of work. The programme runs from 9.45am to 4.15pm and includes:

Review presentation of relevant updated or prevention guidance;

Reflection on current practice and identifying opportunities and challenges for implementation;

Skills practicals with useful feedback, to enhance practice in identified areas;

Implementation Goals and Creative Problem solving;

Planning for success

The workshop presentation style, focusing on interactive activities, discussion, reflection and action gives multidisciplinary teams the invaluable and rare opportunity to spend dedicated time together effectively and efficiently, to plan and update their service provision

The whole day is fully interactive and collaborative and mirrors evidence based practice in making changes

In addition, participants will have an exciting and enjoyable learning experience with expert facilitation to achieve their personal and professional aims, with a take-home certificate to prove it!

The workshop is fully supported by a dedicated website containing workshop materials and additional complementary resources

Workshop Costs (for up to 24 Participants in the UK)

This workshop costs £1100, including all workshop materials plus facilitator costs and travel. The cost excludes venue and equipment, refreshments and participant attendance and expenses. It is subject to our usual terms and conditions, which you can find here

Complimentary Books Included!

This workshop automatically includes a complimentary book as detailed below

‘NICE Working’ Workshops Booklist

Participants may choose one book from the following collection for per individual or team attending. Books will be brought to you on the day of your workshop. Please visit to find out more about each one:

Implementing Personalised Care Planning in Long Term Conditions: A Successful Diabetes Handbook;

Group Education and Facilitation Skills in Healthcare Settings: A Successful Diabetes Handbook;

The Type 2 Diabetes Handbook: A Successful Diabetes Handbook

Success with Your Insulin Pump: A Successful Diabetes Handbook;

Type 2 Diabetes: Your Questions Answered. Published by Dorling Kindersley(Please note availability of this title may be limited)

‘NICE Working’ Presentation

We can also deliver a 1-2 hour interactive presentation at your study day, team away day or conference, which will update all participants on the key changes to the relevant NICE guidance and give you all the opportunity to reflect and plan the priorities for implementation


The cost of a presentation tailored to your needs and inclusive of facilitator costs and travel in the UK is £450

We will be delighted to take your booking for a ‘NICE Working’ Workshop or Presentation, tell you more or discuss your particular needs and how these can be met. Get in touch with us today!


Email:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Telephone:   07885 499943

See our workshop terms and conditions


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