Successful Diabetes

Successful Diabetes

DoSA: Type 2 Diabetes Education Programme for South Asians

Our structured education programme for people with Type 2 diabetes of South Asian background and lifestyle is available for field trials, and will shortly be introduced to the Type 2 ‘learning landscape’

The DoSA (Diabetes For South Asians) programme includes the following elements:

  • A 12-week programme guided manual, divided into 2-week steps
  • Home based learning programme, with 3 scheduled contacts with a trained DoSA Facilitator
  • A colourful, practical manual with space to self-assess and log activity, eating patterns and the effects of changes
  • Authentic cultural images and recommendations
  • 2 practical, attractive and helpful companion leaflets, covering ‘healthy eating and cooking’ and ‘managing celebrations’. These contain vital information and helpful tips and advice on these topics, focusing on a: specifically South Asian lifestyle

DoSA has been fully developed, in conjunction with a panel of South Asian people with Type 2 diabetes, and is currently undergoing field trials in the London and Leicester areas. When these are complete, it will become available to CCGs and diabetes services, to complement the group education they offer.

DoSA is brought to the diabetes education by a collaboration including Successful Diabetes (writing and training), King’s College, London (original author Professor Jackie Sturt) and Spirit Healthcare original investor). We launched the DoSA on World Diabetes Day 2017.

The DoSA team is actively recruiting diabetes commissioners who wish to complete a field trial of DoSA. The cost of this is small, to cover the cost of the programme manuals, but the benefits large – to reach a section of the population with Type 2 diabetes who might otherwise miss out on structured education.


If you’re interested to find out more about DoSA, there is plenty of supporting literature here for you to download. We welcome you getting in touch with an enquiry or to explore hosting a DoSA field trial:

Here’s a taste of the DoSA and its companion leaflets!


The DoSA is designed to be appealing and culturally authentic. It’s full of recognisable images from everyday South Asian lifestyles, for example. Research suggests that such cultural portrayals help people to learn effectively.


The DoSA programme manual gives a great deal of information, but also comprises active, practical exercises, quizzes and self-assessments, to help people reflect on their health and plan to make beneficial changes.


Each 2-week stage is carefully introduced at the start, so people following the programme know exactly what to expect and where the focus will be. The stages complement and build on each other, giving a sense of progress and achievement


The DoSA companion leaflets are highly practical, colourful and extremely relevant to these two important aspects of life. The short, relevant sections, tips and recommendations are designed to make healthy changes and attentive care of Type 2 diabetes both easy and possible, while still maintaining a South Asian lifestyle and culture. The companion leaflets are easily portable, for quick reference and reminders.


Diabetes for Care Home and Home Care Staff - A One-Day Workshop

Welcome to everything you need to know about commissioning this important and topical workshop!

Each participant will also automatically receive SD's certificate of attendance, either in hard copy or electronically - or both if you wish!.  

Please find all the information about the workshop below,


Download as a PDF

This useful, practical workshop addresses one of the most unmet needs in diabetes care - how to provide excellent diabetes care in Care Home and Home Care settings. There are often multiple staff of all grades and backgrounds and residents and clients with more than one condition and/or experiencing multiple care needs.  Diabetes can impact on other conditions, as well as needing regular attention itself, so it is particularly important for staff to be aware and attentive to diabetes care needs, in order to keep residents and clients in optimum health and wellbeing

This workshop supports participants to gain more practical knowledge of diabetes itself, eating and drinking, medication, monitoring, foot checks and the need for care plans.  Most importantly, the workshop helps them learn from and with each other and to devise a workable action plan for future developments.

Participants will leave with new knowledge and confidence to manage diabetes and diabetes related situations with residents and clients, and resources to put in place systems and processes to support this in their place of work. They will have participated in an enjoyable learning experience provided by experts in diabetes, education and facilitation


Comments from recent workshop participants

  • "The quality of this training was superb.  I look forward to taking my new found knowledge back to the care home. A very enjoyable day, thank you!
  • Overall very helpful and detailed course
  • Excellent; very good awareness
  • The event was very nice and a learning experience
  • Thank you it was really interesting
  • Very effective
  • Would like to encourage every care worker to attend this course
  • Interesting and informative. Thank you!
  • Was very useful!
  • Very informative – interesting. I have learned more about this condition today and I will feedback to the team. Trainers very engaging as were the activities. Good to share practice and issues with other attendees"

Workshop Structure

This is a one-day workshop, running from 9.30am to 4.00pm. Participants do not need any particular preparation and can be of all grades and experience

Workshop Costs (for up to 30 participants in the UK)

This workshop costs £1600, including all facilitator costs and travel and excluding venue and equipment, refreshments and participant attendance and expenses.

This workshop automatically includes take-home resources and a certificate of attendance

Please note: this workshop can be provided for an individual Care Home or Care Agency; we will be delighted to make a cost proposal tailored to your needs

Download workshop information as PDF

See our workshop terms and conditions

For more information and to book your workshop contact us at

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