SD 'Language Challenge' - Number 4!

Here's a reminder of what the SD Language Challenge is all about

Here's number 4 in our month of 'language challenges' - to get us all talking more about the everyday ways we can transform the diabetes conversation! Feel free to take any, all or even none of the challenges, whatever seems most relevant to you.

Challenge Number 4.  'Ask'

This challenge is straightforward.  To ask someone something about their preferences. In addition to 'big' aspects, such as which medication or which device they would choose, maybe ask less obvious questions, for example, what they'd like you to call them, what way they like to think about their diabetes, or their preferred professional title. You could try to get to know people outside of diabetes, by asking something you don't know about them, such as if they like animals or hot holidays.

Leading on from Challenge 3, perhaps asking about what they think about the environment you're meeting in, what could make it more comfortable, could be a good question.

The reasoning for this challenge is that we are often so busy doing 'the business' of diabetes, that we can forget the whole human being, with their own thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  It's also all too easy to assume or 'guesstimate' what someone likes, wants or prefers - especially, perhaps, when you already know someone or time is short, so it can be tempting to, mentally, 'get ahead' of people. This goes for both living and working with diabetes alike. The reality is we can never know without asking - so why not try more asking? The answers may well and hopefully, enhance and enlighten your relationship :)

Challenge 4 starts here!

Download 'Language Matters' here (opens PDF)

We really hope you'll share your thoughts and activities with this challenge (and all of them) via Facebook, Twitter or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Where relevant, we'll be using #sdlangmatters and #languagematters

If you're not on social media and would prefer us to email you the challenges, let us know by dropping us a line on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Good Luck! can't wait to hear your thoughts :)


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