No Assumptions - Offer Structured Education To Everyone

Our one-to-one structured education programme for Type 2 diabetes is available to individuals and for commission in any health, social or institutional setting - in short, wherever people with Type 2 are, the Diabetes Manual Programme can be provided.  

Recent evidence published in BMJ Open shows that it is not possible to predict who should receive diabetes structured education, however it is provided.  This lets professionals and carers, and even people with Type 2 diabetes themselves 'off the hook' in relation to deciding whether they need a formal education programme.  

Everyone should be offered the opportunity for formal structured diabetes education, and a variety of means of access - eg group or individual needs to be provided, as the recent NICE guidelines for Type 2 diabetes state.  

Read the paper in full here 



Last modified onMonday, 15 February 2016 10:29
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