Diabetes Annual Professional Conference Presentation, 2014

We're very pleased to say that Rosie Walker of Successful Diabetes was one of five eminent presenters of an engaging workshop at Diabetes UK's prestigious event for health professionals. The workshop took place on Friday 7th March in the Exhibition Hall Arena and was entitled 'I'm Struggling, You're Struggling, What Can We Do Next?: Consultations in the Spotlight'. Some 50 participants attended and engaged in a mix of reflective activities and lively discussions about their own, and presenters 'real life' struggles about consultations. Participants were invited to write their 'take home messages' at the end of the workshop and the results show a range of inspiration and appreciation for the opportunity to discuss this most important aspect of diabetes care.

There was also a video reflection by 2 of the presenters after the workshop, made possible by one of the pharmaceutical companies who selected it to feature in their series of 'vlogs' at the conference

I'd like to see the take home messages from the workshop

I'd like to see the Vlog reflection

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