Group Education Facilitation Skills

Welcome to everything you need to know about our popular Group Education Facilitation Skills Workshop!

Complimentary books included as standard!

We're delighted to say that relevant workshops include as standard a complimentary copy of the supporting SD book for each participant or participating team. This means extra resources to help with putting learning into practice and key references always close to hand.

Each participant will also automatically receive SD's fresh new certificate of attendance, either in hard copy or electronically - or both if you wish!.  Please see the individual workshop pages below for details or consult the SD Workshop Booklist!

Read on for this workshop's details...

Create a dynamic educational experience in your structured education programme that participants enjoy attending!

Whether you are providing group education for people with diabetes, for health professionals or for other groups, we can help you to provide effective learning to influence self-management in diabetes and improve clinical outcomes.

The workshop content will help you to:

Learn about how to sucessfully and enjoyably create interactive, stimulating and useful learning among your participants

Take away top tips that you can apply to your local education programme tomorrow!

Complimentary Book Included!

This workshop will include a copy of our handbook,  'Group Education and Facilitation Skills in Healthcare Settings' for each participant or service/practice

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