Supporting Young Adults With Diabetes - A One-Day Workshop

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This unique workshop, launched in 2013, addresses one of the most pressing needs in diabetes care - how to provide services that will engage and support young adults with diabetes in all ways, including medically, educationally and psychologically.

A gap that is especially of concern is that of transition between children’s and adult diabetes services. This is a time when many young people become 'lost' to the system and find it very difficult to re-access services when they need them. This too is addressed in the workshop.

The workshop is for diabetes teams involved in the provision of services and education for young adults. It supports the team/s participating to gain more understanding of what helps and hinders young adults in engaging and participating in their diabetes care, reflect on their current and desired provision, undertake problem-solving for the challenges they face and develop specific skills in communicating with young adults. Most importantly, the workshop helps them to devise a workable action plan for future developments.

The workshop is supported by a dedicated website, containing the pre-course preparation (see below), post workshop reflection, resources and comprehensive references, which can be accessed before, during and after the workshop.

Collaboration with Joe

The workshop features the contribution and insight of a young adult with diabetes. Joe Fraser has lived with diabetes as a child and young adult and gives a practical and sometimes challenging presentation to help the workshop discussions and focus on real-life experiences and needs.

You can find out more about Joe and his work via this link

Comments from Participants on previous courses

'The course allowed us a structured opportunity to talk openly about positive changes to our diabetes service'

'Great to get new approaches to understanding patients' needs and build relationships'

'Has changed my way of approaching teenagers'

‘Thanks for the chance to gather ideas for service change’

‘Enjoyed Joe’s talk’

‘Very enjoyable and motivating; thank you’

‘Warm and friendly facilitation skills’

‘Really interesting; helpful to keep moving around the room, meeting new people’

‘it was most helpful to Reflect on why patients DNA and looking at my role in their reasoning for DNA’

‘Successful; interactive; useful’

Workshop Structure

Participants are first invited to undertake a small amount of reflective preparation set out on the workshop website, before attending the one-day workshop from 9.30am to 4.30pm.  

The programme includes reflective activities, presentations including the latest evidence base for supporting young adults, a young adult's own perspective, and scenario based skills practicals.  It also includes time for teams to reflect together on their priorities and goals and for creating a practical and workable action plan to achieve their plans.

The whole day is fully interactive and collaborative and mirrors evidence based practice in making changes

Workshop Costs (for up to 24 Participants in the UK)

This workshop costs £2500, including all facilitator costs and travel and excluding venue and equipment, refreshments and participant attendance and expenses. It is subject to our usual terms and conditions, which you can find here

Complimentary Books Included!

This workshop automatically includes a complimentary copy of ‘Providing Structured Diabetes Education for Children and Young People’ or ‘Group Education Facilitation Skills in Healthcare Settings’ for each participant or participating team

We will be delighted to take your booking, tell you more or discuss your particular needs and how these can be met

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Telephone:         07885 499943

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